Making a Course Available to a Single Student


A student took an Incomplete (I) in the course and needs to go back in but I don't want it open for all of my students.



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Update Other Students

You will start by setting all other students Enrolment Status to Unavailable. This must be done individually by student, if you wish to change entire class, email and the Blackboard team can adjust in bulk.

  1. Log into Bb, and Open your course
  2. Open Users and Groups from your Course Management panel
  3. Select Users and look up the student by name or username.
  4. Next to each name is the chevron  or down arrow when you move your mouse onto the name.
  5. Click the chevron and select  Change User's Availability in Course
  6. On step 1 on the next page you will see Available (this course only) 
  7. Change Yes to No
  8. Click Submit.

Change Course Availability

  1. Click the desired course you want to make available
  2. Navigate to Control Panel > Customization > Properties in the Course Management side bar
  3. Scroll down to Set Availability and Set Course Duration
  4. Adjust to the desired availability and duration.


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