Adjust Individual Student Course Availability


If a student reports their class has disappeared from Blackboard it is typically caused by accidentally dropping a class. The instructor has to go into the Bb course and set their availability back to yes.



  1. Log into Bb, and Open your course
  2. Open Users and Groups from your Course Management panel
  3. Select Users and look up the student by name or username.
  4. Next to each name is the chevron  or down arrow when you move your mouse onto the name.
  5. Click the chevron and select  Change User's Availability in Course
  6. On step 1 on the next page you will see Available (this course only) 
  7. Change No to Yes
  8. Click Submit.

Additional Note- The instructor may also have to make the user visible in the full grade center. To do this:

  1. From the course Full Grade Center hover over Manage
  2. Click Row Visibility
  3. Check the box next to the name of the user to be made visible
  4. Click Show Rows
  5. Click Submit 


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