International Travel Process


I am traveling out of the country, what should I do before I leave?



Before traveling internationally, it is important to plan for the technology access you will need at your destination. Some technologies are not permitted to travel into certain nations. There may be limitations on what GRCC resources can be accessed from some locations, which may require alternative arrangements. Additionally, some access control mechanisms may function differently while traveling abroad. Once IT receives this service request, we will investigate what obstacles you may encounter while traveling and work with you to ensure you have the tools you need while you are away.

Staff traveling out of the country are strongly advised not to use their assigned college equipment. They need to get a laptop out of our loaner pool.

  • The laptop needs to have a fresh image before they take it
  • The Laptop should be re-imaged before it touches our network when it comes back
  • All laptops need to be encrypted
  • If there are special software needs, those exception need to be address by Information Security and the Director of IT Customer Support. 


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Several technical issues may arise when traveling internationally. If you are leaving the country and plan to access any GRCC resources, we recommend you allow us to check for conflicts.