Sharing a Panopto Video


Panopto videos will not automatically be visible to anyone you share the link to, you must edit the share settings to give viewers access.



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To change the sharing settings in Panopto: 

  1. Navigate to Panopto 
    1. Located in the MyGRCC Portal
  2. Find the video you would like to share and click the video to open it
    1. You can also share an entire folder by opening the desired folder
  3. Select the Gear in the top right corner
  4. Select Share
  5. Select one of the following under Who can access this video 
    1. Restricted- Only Specific People or Groups
      1. Individuals will need to be added at the top of the dialog box
    2. Organization (Unlisted)- Anyone at your org (GRCC) who has the link
    3. Public (Unlisted)- Anyone who has the link


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