Blackboard Template Courses

How do Blackboard Template Courses work?

A Blackboard template course can be requested by an instructor who would like to build their course earlier than the assigned course becomes available.

Note: Credit Blackboard Learn course shells are created 45 days before the semester start date indicated in PeopleSoft. Non-Credit course shells are created 30 days before the course start date indicated in PeopleSoft.  Instructor and student assignments are automatically provisioned via the PeopleSoft/Blackboard integration.


How do Instructors use the template once they receive the assigned course?

These steps explain the process instructors use to move content from a template into their assigned course sections once they become available.

  1. Instructors request a template here: Template Service Request
  2. The Blackboard team creates the template using a naming format "JDOE.BI101.TEMPLATE"
  3. The instructor builds content within the template when they have time. As years go by they groom materials to keep them relevant, using the template as a source for any additional sections of said course they will teach in the future.
  4. When new courses are assigned by PeopleSoft, the instructor copies from their template to their respective sections. More info here: Course Copy Instructions
  5. Templates will not be removed from Blackboard, thus preserving any work that an instructor would like to use in the future.
  6. If a majority of work has been done within an assigned Blackboard course, an instructor also has the option to request a template, then course copy into the template so their work is preserved.



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