What is SmarterProctor?



SmarterProctor is an automated proctoring system that monitors students during exams similar to Respondus Lockdown Browser. 

IT Customer Support does not offer support of this product. Please direct use the black button in SmarterProctoring that connects to Chat. Alternatively, you can email



  • Now that Responds Monitor (RM) is available to students using Chromebooks, it is preferred to use Respondus Monitor as SmarterProctor charges us for each individual testing session.  (note: that each faculty member is able to test the tool by naming a test as "practice")
  • SP is not accessible via tablets or smartphones.  If a student has no other technology available we will have a limited number of seats available in the Academic Testing Center for them to use for testing purposes. In these cases they will not need to test via the SP tool.

Primary Resource Information:

SmarterProctoring Knowledge Base -


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