Upload Videos to Share on Blackboard


There are a variety of ways videos can be uploaded to share on Blackboard. The three preferred methods are listed below.



  • Blackboard
  • Google Drive
  • Panopto
  • YouTube




Each upload location below has different tools associated with them, all three will allow you to share your content with students on Blackboard. However, most will have default privacy settings that and may require adjustments. 

To Google Drive

  1. Log into Google Drive using your GRCC Credentials
  2. Create Folders if desired
  3. Drag file from downloads folder into browser
    1. Alternately
      1. Click New
      2. Click File upload
      3. Click on Desired File to upload


To Panopto

  1. Log into MyGRCC
  2. Click the Panopto Tile
  3. Create Folders if desired
  4. Click Create 
  5. Click Upload Media 
  6. Drag or Select Desired File(s) 
  7. Click Close when upload is complete


To YouTube

  1. Log into YouTube with your GRCC Credentials
  2. Click Create  
  3. Click Upload Videos
  4. Drag or Select Desired File(s)
  5. Add Required Fields (Title, Audience)
  6. Click NEXT
  7. Click NEXT
  8. Choose Desired Visibility 
  9. Click SAVE


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