Discussion board submission one continuous thread


Issue of text copy pasted from Google Docs becoming one long, continuous thread in a Blackboard discussion. 



  • Blackboard
  • Google Docs
  • Libre word processing



This can occur on both Macs as well as PC's when text is typed in Google Docs or Libre word processing and then formatted as a list using either bullet points or numbers. When this text is copied and pasted into Blackboard it originally appears fine until it is submitted. The line breaks are getting removed and turning it into a single line.

If the list is preceded by a regular paragraph of text there is typically no issue.

This does not occur when copying from Microsoft Word.



Do not format the text in Google Docs or Libre word processing, wait until you have it pasted into Bb and format within Bb.

If you have text that you are pasting that is already formatted using any kind of list, then you can use the "Remove Formatting" tool found in the Blackboard toolbar (it looks like an eraser and is next to the text highlighter) and then proceed to format the text in Blackboard.


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