Adjust Course Visibility in Course List


Some of my classes are not showing in my course list. How do I change what classes I see in by Blackboard course list?



  • Blackboard





  1. Log in to Blackboard using your MyGRCC Username and Password
  2. In the upper right area, you should see your course list; hover your mouse over this box
  3. You will see a settings icon appear in the upper right of this box; click the icon 
  4. Here you'll have an option to group your courses by term, as well as which courses to display, and what information to display. Click the check boxes for the items you wish to display or hide in your course list.
    • Courses can also be hidden by term
  5. Click Submit


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Thu 8/15/19 11:19 AM
Wed 5/3/23 9:01 PM

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