Troubleshooting GTemp Accounts


Users may receive an email from Google concerning a Critical security alert on their account. 




Users receiving this message created a GRCC Google account before GRCC began using G Suite services. When GRCC implemented G Suite, the previously created account was renamed to GTempAccount in order for the account to exist. The reason users would be receiving this warning message is due to an application or service that had permission to your GTempAccount but no longer does.  It is trying to access that account but will continue to fail. 



You can delete the account, rename it, and/or create a filtering rule to automatically delete these messages.


Delete the account

  1. Open up a different browser and navigate to 
  2. Enter your GTemp Account address ( 
  3. Click Forgot password.
    • You will be presented with some password reset options.  If you are unable to provide the required information to reset the password then you will need to create a filtering rule that will delete these emails when received.  
  4. Once signed in, navigate to
  5. On the left navigation Panel, click Data & personalization.
  6. Locate Download, delete, or make a plan for your data, click Delete a service or your account.
  7. Locate Delete your Google Account, click Delete your account


Rename the account

If you want to keep this account you can change the username. 

  1. In the top right, click Settings .
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Accounts.
  4. Locate Send mail as: and choose edit info to the right of your email address. 
  5. Click the radial button next to the text field. Enter a new username of your choosing. 
  6. Click Save Changes


Create a filter

Reference the article Creating "Rules" (Filters) in Gmail.  When the filter is setup choose Delete it so that any warning emails from Google related to GTemp Account will be deleted when received.


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