Unable to Save or Submit Test Answers


When taking a test in Blackboard, I tried clicking on a answer, saving, and submitting it, but it stated that the question was unanswered.


Error Message:

You recently left the test "Test Name" without submitting it. It was automatically submitted for you. Contact your instructor for assistance if you did not mean to leave and submit your test.



  • Blackboard
    • Fore Completion setting



Provided by Blackboard Help:

If you select Force Completion, students must complete the test or survey when they launch it. Students may only access the test or survey ONE TIME. The Save function is available for students to save the questions as they work through them, but they may not exit and re-enter the test or survey. In the instructions, Force Completion is noted and explained to students. If you don't enable Force Completion, students may save their progress, navigate away, and return to complete the test or survey.

If students accidentally close their browsers, leave the test or survey page, or lose power or their internet connections, they can't continue. They must contact you and ask for a new attempt.

You may want to reserve the Force Completion option. You can require students to take a test on campus, connected to an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, and with a proctor. If issues occur, the proctor can reset the test.



Students must work with the instructor to request another attempt on the test of the Force Completion option is enabled.

Tips for completing the test:

  • Try completing the test from a campus computer, such as one in a testing center or lab
  • If working from home, try completing the test from a computer connected directly to your home router with an Ethernet cable
  • Complete the test in one sitting
    • Do not allow your computer to go to sleep
    • Do not navigate away from the test
    • Do not close your laptop
    • Do not move from one location to another



  • Force Completion option is enabled on test
  • Unreliable Internet connection


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