Exporting Contacts from GroupWise and Importing to Gmail


If you have personal contact groups in GroupWise that you'd like to transfer to Gmail, you can do so by exporting as a vCard and then import to Google Contacts.

Google Contacts is currently available in the live environment, so If you'd like to import your contacts ahead of the go-live date, feel free to do so at your convenience.




  1. Navigate to your personal GroupWise address book
  2. Right-click on the group you would like to export
    • Note: Groups within Groups do not export well, so if necessary, export each sub-group individually
  3. Click Export
  4. Select the destination for the file to be saved
  5. Select the VCard file type in the Save as type dropdown
  6. Click Save



  1. Open Google Contacts
  2. Click More in the left menu
  3. Click  Import
  4. Click Select File
  5. Locate the save VCard file in the previous section and click Open
  6. Click Import


Clean Up

Google will display the group you imported, with an option to find and merge any duplicates. It is recommended to do so. You may need to manually clean up your group from this point, as it typically will import a blank contact with the groups name, which can be deleted.

You will also want to rename the label (Google uses Labels as opposed to folders) by clicking the  Edit icon next to the new label, typically titled "Imported on [Date]"


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