COVID19 Articles

Articles that are helpful during the COVID19 pandemic.

Articles (12)

Accessing the VPN While Working From Home

Requirements and directions for connecting to the VPN while working from home.

Are the computer labs open?

Campus labs may not be available, check their site or call ahead for more details.

Can I get a bag for my loaner laptop?

Sadly, due to a limited supply, we cannot provide you a bag for your loaner laptop.

COVID form on Android device

How to fix issues with the COVID form while using Chrome on an Android.

Free Internet during COVID-19 Quarantine

How students/staff can obtain free/discounted internet during the COVID-19 quarentine.

How to Request a Loaner Laptop or Hotspot

Requests for loaner technology goes through the GRCC library.

Loaner Microphone and Video Camera Availability

The process for obtaining a microphone or camera to use during the shutdown.

Mobile Hotspot User Guides

How to operate the loaner hotspots

Printing in VMware

No, personal printer drivers cannot be installed on VMware.

Student Laptop Loaner Passwords

Username and password for a student loaner laptop.

There are new Programs on my desktop since the shutdown. What are they?

Explanation of new desktop shortcuts/programs pushed out to staff/faculty during COVID-19 quarentine.

Who can request a loaner laptop during Shutdown?

Who is eligible for a loaner during the shutdown, as well as the links for requesting a laptop loaner.